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2017 NFL Draft Round 1: Roundtable, Best Pick, Worst Pick and Round 2 hopes

The Baltimore Beatdown team weighs in

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The first round of the NFL draft is in the books, and last night was one of the more memorable ones in recent years. We as a staff decided to get together and reflect on some of those moments, while also looking ahead to what could be happening tonight.

Favorite pick of the night:

Kyle Barber: Does the 49ers trade back count? John Lynch snaring bonus picks and still bolstering the trenches with Solomon Thomas is an absolute deal. If we're not counting the trade, I still go with the 49ers, Reuben Foster. Trading up last second and scoring the Bama backer before New Orleans was cold-blooded. Great start for the 49ers new GM.

Logan Levy: Malik Hooker. This is not only a pressing need for Indianapolis but they were able to get a top-tier safety in the draft at 15th overall. This was a guy who was projected top 10.

Tyler Jackson: Malik Hooker. The Colts added a safety that projects to be amongst the league's best. Hooker has limited experience, but has flashed elite traits, and I believe he will ultimately be better than Jamal Adams due to his ability and range to play single high.

Evan Mazza: Jamal Adams. For the second time in three years, the New York Jets got one of the top defensive players in this draft after they fell to them at the number six spot, with the other being Leonard Williams back in 2015. Adams is a playmaking and hard-hitting safety that will fit the Jets well and continue on a solid foundation they are building on defense.

Jacob Louque: Patrick Mahomes. Guns up. This guy was my draft crush, even with the Ravens not in the market for him, and he landed in the perfect spot to learn under former Favre mentor Andy Reid. They gave up a lot to get him, but the honesty within the organization to secure a passer that will get them over the hump is really refreshing.

Least favorite pick:

Kyle Barber: Mitchell Trubisky - Not how the Bears should have handled that situation.

Logan Levy: The Bears are the most obvious selection but I am going to go with the Titans 18th overall selection, Adoree' Jackson. Selecting him 18th overall is a huge reach considering the other corners still on the board; Tre'Davious White, Kevin King, Quincy Wilson, Teez Tabor and Gareon Conley. I would put all of those guys ahead of Jackson with the exception of Conley due to his off-the-field issues.

Tyler Jackson: Mitch Trubisky- Not only do I believe he was drafted higher than he should've been, the Bears traded more than what was necessary to snag the UNC product. I'm perplexed entirely by what the team is attempting to do. They recently signed Mike Glennon to a sizable contract, which seems unnecessary based on this selection. There are a ton of serviceable bridge QBs, and the Bears had access to some in Hoyer and Barkley before they let them walk.

Evan Mazza: Mitch Trubisky. This is just too easy to call. Sure there are reaches in every draft, but this was taken to the maximum level. The Bears gave up a lot to get him, and 49ers general manager John lynch must've been laughing himself to sleep last night after pulling off that robbery and taking Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster. The Bears better hope Trubisky is able to start for them Week 1 of the 2017 season, let alone the next 10 years.

Jacob Louque: Marlon Humphrey. I hate to be the downer of the group as Humphrey actually lands in a solid situation, but the way the board shook out, I didn’t like this pick at all. Jonathan Allen or Reuben Foster would’ve been way better in my eyes, and even though the receiver spot was wiped clean, OJ Howard could have been a home run pick to finally (God forbid) get Joe Flacco some help on the offensive side of the ball.

Expectations for the Ravens tonight:

Kyle Barber: Pass rush and O-line. The secondary is at maximum capacity. It's time to address the needs left on the team, a right tackle and edge rushers.

Logan Levy: Jordan Willis, O-Line and WR. I would take Willis if he is there but I am not sure he will be at 47th. If he is not, I would try to get Lamp or Robinson. JuJu Smith-Schuster or Zay Jones would be a great fit here as well. It would be great to some some combination of JuJu/Zay and a talented offensive linemen. This is me hinting at trade Ozzie, hope you’re reading.

Tyler Jackson: Today I would expect the Ravens to address the pass rush and offensive line. Tim Williams, Forrest Lamp and Cam Robinson are some names I would keep an eye on for the Ravens.

Evan Mazza: After picking Marlon Humphrey in an effort to keep improving a secondary that has been a crutch to them over the last five seasons, look for the Ravens to try and go after some offensive line help like Cam Robinson or a pass-rusher like Derek Rivers, Tyus Bowser or Tim Williams. Obviously, if you are a fan, you are hoping that someone like JuJu Smith-Schuster falls to them and he's the selection. Either way, Ozzie Newsome will pick the best player on his board, no matter who people think he should take. He certainly proved that once again on Thursday night.

Jacob Louque: The front office seemed to go all in on defense throughout the offseason leading up to tonight, and now I think they need to address the other side of the ball. Whether they go after some O-Line help in a player like Forrest Lamp, or address the much needed wide receiver position, look for the Ravens to get to work on the offense tonight.