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Could the Browns actually take Mitchell Trubisky with the first pick?

Georgia Tech v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It’s a possibility that seems absolutely absurd, but accoridng to Adam Schefter, the Browns may actually be considering selecting UNC quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the first overall pick.

Taking Trubisky over Garrett is a rumor that has been gaining some steam recently, despite how absurd it may seem.

The Browns have needs at nearly every position on the field, but are seemingly willing to pass on the universally regarded best player in the draft, Myles Garrett.

Despite him being barely being viewed as a first round prospect in most years, the Browns are clearly very desperate at quarterback in order to consider taking Trubisky over Garrett.

For most teams, I would assume off the bat that this is a smokescreen, but then again, it is the Browns.

In my opinion, taking Trubisky over Garrett would be a huge mistake. In fact, if I'm the Browns I wouldn't even take Trubisky at 12. It would make more sense to take Garrett and then O.J. Howard, and then draft Sam Darnold, a much more talented quarterback than Trubisky, next year.