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Corey Davis compliments the Ravens for his visit

Davis heaps praise to the Ravens brass.

Buffalo v Western Michigan Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens are in desperate help for a wide receiver, and tomorrow the team will hopefully get a chance at selecting a top wide receiver in this 2017 draft class. One of those top wide receivers, and maybe the best of this class, is Western Michigan's Corey Davis.

Davis has mostly been the number one preference to land in Baltimore on draft day when it comes to Ravens fans. His size, crisp route running, and playmaking ability has made him a popular pick and someone you know can become a weapon for quarterback Joe Flacco.

While Flacco and the team hope that Breshad Perriman becomes the number one wide receiver they drafted him to be, his development has been hampered with injuries that kept him out of the entire 2015 season and missed all of training camp last year. Due to the bad luck of injuries with Perriman, Flacco has still yet to have that true top tier go-to-guy that other quarterbacks like Andy Dalton and Matt Ryan have. Those two throw to Julio Jones and Ravens killer, A.J. Green. Whoever lines up for the Houston Texans at quarterback will have DeAndre Hopkins to throw to. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is only entering his second season, and you could make the argument that his weapons of Torrey Smith, Alshon Jeffery, Darren Sproles, Zach Ertz, and Jordan Matthews is better than anything Flacco has ever had in his nine seasons with the Ravens.

Baltimore is doing their due diligence at the wide receiver position when it comes to this draft, and have had Davis in for visits along with other teams who are in need of a receiver of his talents. When it comes to the Ravens however, Davis came away rather impressed with his visit to Owings Mills.

Davis spoke to about his visit to Baltimore. He stated:

"Just the entire feel is a lot different than I had with any other team. It was really comfort. That's a credit to coach Harbaugh and what he has going out there and their GM (Ozzie Newsome). It was a lot of fun."

The fact that Davis spoke very highly of the Ravens more than any of the other teams he visited with is good to hear for any Ravens fan who wants to see him get drafted to Baltimore. Of course, it doesn't mean he will land with the Ravens, the draft is very unpredictable with teams in the top fifteen who could also very well pick Davis. However, it should still give some confidence that Ozzie will select him if he is still on the board when the Ravens are on the clock with the 16th pick.

After all, while Flacco can say he is fine with his current group of receivers, he might be doing cartwheels with the rest of the entire city of Baltimore if Davis finds himself in the black and purple come Thursday night. If that does happen, you know the Western Michigan wideout will be one happy man.