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ICYMI: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Jabrill Peppers tested positive for a diluted sample

How far will Peppers fall come draft day?

NCAA Football: Heisman Trophy Presentation Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this makes two college prospects and NFL hopefuls who test positive on a drug sample shortly before the biggest day of their lives. Just a few days ago, it was revealed that Alabama inside linebacker Reuben Foster tested positive at the NFL Scouting Combine back in February for a urine sample that came back diluted, via NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. Before this, there were already issues with Foster such as his shoulder injury, and recent talk now has him falling even further down in this draft. Recently, Michael Lombardi of "The NFL Show" opined that Foster will now be there between picks 33-45. The Baltimore Ravens have the 47th pick in the second round.

On Monday, it was announced that another college prospect tested positive for a diluted sample back at the combine, putting his possible first round selection in even more jeopardy than it already was: Michigan's Jabrill Peppers. ESPN's Adam Schefter first reported the news of Peppers test on his Twitter on Monday afternoon.

This was followed up by a CAA (Creative Artists Agency) spokesman's statement on this incident. They said Peppers was sick after flying to Indianapolis from San Diego and he drank 8-10 bottles of water before he went to bed because he was the first guy to work out with the linebackers and defensive backs at the combine. The spokesman works for the agency that represents Peppers.

Before this, Peppers was projected by some to be a mid-to-late first round pick. ESPN's Mel Kiper put Peppers as the 15th overall pick, while NFL Networks Mike Mayock even paired him with Baltimore because of Michigan Harbaugh connection. Peppers has been a tough one to project due to the uncertainty of where he could be slated to play, whether its at linebacker or safety. Peppers preferably wants to play at the safety position.

Whether these tests samples on Foster and Peppers are fair or not, they could very well hurt their draft stock heading into Thursday. Michael Lombardi already says that Foster will be there well into the second round of the draft, so who knows where Peppers will land?

How far do you think Peppers and Foster will fall?