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TJ Onwuanibe, a teen with a rare form of brain cancer, will announce the Ravens first round pick

NFL Draft Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The typical boos that engulf the theater when NFL commisioner Roger Goodell takes the stage at NFL Draft will not be present upon the Ravens first round pick. That’s because Goodell won’t announce it. Instead, the Make-A-Wish foundation and the Baltimore Ravens have teamed up to grant the wish of TJ Onwuanibe, a 14 year old from Baltimore. His wish being to announce the Ravens first round pick.

Onwuanibe found out his wish would be granted on Friday at a school assembly, as a message from Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh played on the screen in the front of the room.

After the message from Harbaugh ended, the Ravens’ cheerleaders and mascot Poe came down the isles to meet and celebrate with Onwuanibe on the stage.

Onwuanibe was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer 2015, but thankfully he now is in remission.

Despite going through treatment, Onwuanibe organized a school drive, as first reported by WBAL-TV, to collect pajamas to donate to termially ill children.

According to Hensley, Goodell will still hand the player selected by the Ravens a jersey when that player comes to stage.

It is really awesome that the Ravens are granting Onwuanibe’s wish. The staff here at Baltimore Beatdown wishes Onnwuanibe nothing but the best.