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ICYMI: Corey Davis posts video of first first pre-draft workout since his ankle surgery

Spoiler Alert: his ankle looks just fine

Toledo v Western Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The consensus top two wide receivers in the 2017 NFL Draft are Western Michigan’s Corey Davis, and Clemson’s Mike Williams. However, where many scouts and analysts differ is which of the two should be ranked number one. One of the biggest knocks on Davis is his recent ankle surgery, and thus not having combine or pro day workouts. However, at long last, Davis has given us a glimpse into his recovery process.

While this isn't much to go off of, this video provides two very promising signs. First, Davis looks to be running at, or at least close to, full speed. Clearly, he must be advancing well in the recovery process to be able to run that fast.

Secondly, Davis shows off a good cut and change of direction. These types of moves are strenuous on the ankle, and Davis shows that he is capable of doing those types of moves right now. Thus, again, proving that his recovery is going well.

The cherry on top is the spectacular one handed catch at end.

In addition, Davis said that he is not at 100% yet. This is likely true as I didn't feel his footwork was as crisp in this video as it typically is on game tape.

One video is obviously not everything, but this one surely lessens concerns. Scouts worried about the state of Davis’ health can see that he is progressing well, to the point of being able to run at what looks to be near full speed. The Ravens, who may be using a smokescreen to hide interest in Davis, are likely thrilled to see this video. Davis visited Baltimore on Monday and Tuesday, but we don't know if Davis worked out for the Ravens during those meetings. This may well be the Ravens first look at Davis after the surgery as well.

This video may help give Davis’ stock a final boost with less than a week to go before the 2017 NFL Draft.