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CBS Sports picks Edwin Mulitalo as the Ravens best compensatory pick.

Baltimore loves stacking up on these picks, and Mulitalo certainly was one of the best.

New York Giants v Baltimore Ravens

If there is one thing that Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome loves to collect and take advantage of, it's the compensatory picks and the formula of it. Its part of the reason why the Ravens are okay with giving up talented players that are about to become unrestricted free agents such as Torrey Smith, Pernell McPhee, and Kelechi Osemele. However, the Ravens have kind of put that mentality into the backburner for at least this offseason as the team’s free agent acquisitions canceled out at least two of their upcoming compensatory picks.

While the formula has come under scrutiny in recent years, the Ravens have had success with it and they still trust this process when it comes to building a contending team.

CBS sports Brad Gagnon decided to take a look and pick every NFL teams best compensatory pick. For the Ravens, he picked offensive guard Edwin Mulitalo as the teams best compensatory pick. Mulitalo was selected in the fourth round of the 1999 NFL Draft. Gagnon stated:

"The Ravens have had a lot of good comp picks, including current/recent NFL starters Ricky Wagner, Kyle Juszczyk, and Pernell McPhee. But Mulitalo was a steady starting left guard there for eight seasons."

Multialo was certainly a solid pick, as he contributed with Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden along the Ravens offensive line and helped open holes for running backs like Jamal Lewis during those years which saw a carousel of quarterbacks. Mulitalo would sign with the Detroit Lions after the end of the 2006 season, where he would play for the next two years before being released after the 2008 campaign. A year that infamously saw the Lions go 0-16.

While the Ravens are well known for their amount of compensatory picks they receive every offseason, it is probably fitting that in the first year where teams could trade their compensatory picks, Baltimore would take advantage of it. The team traded a third round pick in this years draft given to them off Kelechi Osemele's contract with the Oakland Raiders to the Philadelphia Eagles, along with Timmy Jernigan. In exchange, Baltimore gained the Eagles 2017 third round pick, giving the Ravens 4 of the top 78 draft picks.

Who do you think is the best Ravens compensatory draft pick?