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Jeff Zriebec reports Ravens are “cautiously optimistic” they can finalize a deal with Brandon Williams.

The new league year begins soon and the Ravens are still talking to Brandon Williams.

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens

With little time before the new league year begins, the Baltimore Ravens will have to make final decisions on guys like Mike Wallace and Dennis Pitta. While there hasn't been any updates on those situations, the Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zreibec posted this on Twitter just a short while ago about the Ravens and Brandon Williams contract talks. He says the team is "cautiously optimistic" they can get a deal done.

It is truly amazing that out of all the team’s free agents such as Rick Wagner and Kyle Juszczyk, the Ravens actually have a legit shot at re-signing Williams. Many believed he'd be long gone by now. The Ravens have made it one of their top priorities to bring the big man back to Baltimore and it sure seems like they are going to do all they can to lock him up.

The Ravens and Brandon Williams are sure to have a solution, whether he re-signs or not, very soon. Stay tuned.