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RUMOR: Torrey Smith likely to reunite with Baltimore Ravens

Grain of salt here folks

Preface: The last time I posted on a report from Jason La Canfora, it was on Zachary Orr receiving a contract signing. As we all know, it was his retirement instead.

Jason La Canfora is now saying the likelihood of a reunion between Torrey Smith and the Baltimore Ravens is a true possibility.

The signing works from a ‘Baltimore needs wide receivers’ standpoint, but upon inspection, I’m wary. The Baltimore Ravens picked Breshad Perriman because he was faster and bigger. He could make the tough catches where Smith shy’d away from contact. The Ravens also have Mike Wallace, who proved he can make great short route catches a long with the deep ball receptions. If Baltimore signs Torrey, they’ll be three speed receivers deep, without a single possession pass-catcher. While the Ravens are also stockpiled at tight end, they need versatility to compliment one another. Torrey was a great player in a versatile environment, there was Anquan Boldin, Dennis Pitta and Ray Rice. They all had their specific skill-set. When they combined in a single unit, the Ravens flourished. With all speed and zero possession, the Ravens don’t have a true, reliable man on third down to trust. Dennis Pitta can catch, but the routes ran for first downs weren’t there. He was always a yard short. Baltimore must ‘diversify their wide receiver portfolio’ to win matchups through the air.