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Bills sign FB Patrick DiMarco, 49ers now the landing spot for Kyle Juszczyk

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

After a quick turnaround, the Buffalo Bills are no longer expected to sign Kyle Juszczyk, after signing FB Patrick DiMarco.

Shortly following the signing, Kyle Juszczyk isn’t hurting. Less than ten minutes later, Matt Miller tweets the San Francisco 49ers will pick up the Ravens fullback.

Not only is he confident they’re taking the fullback, he’s confident in the pay.

This is another loss for the Ravens, but the Ravens can’t afford such a high price tag. They will be thrilled though, as this could bring about yet another compensatory pick for Baltimore. The signing of Wagner nets either a third or fourth comp selection. Brandon Williams is sought after by a reported 12 teams, bringing another third round comp; Juice’s signing could bring anywhere near a fifth or sixth round compensatory pick. Next years draft could load the Ravens with fresh young talent, and great cap room for the future stars.


The numbers on Juice’s contract are out.