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Baltimore Ravens Monday Morning Mailbag

Has the Combine presented the Ravens with more options?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of the week again where we take your Ravens related questions and answer them. This week’s should be a good one as we wrap up the Combine today with the defensive backs taking the field today for drills.

@Kyle_Maynard00 asks: Who is the most likely Raven to get restructured instead of cut?

Good question Kyle, my money would be on Pitta or Wallace. The team has shown they want both players back, but they both come with hefty price tags. I think if Pitta stays it will be under a restructure for sure. Regardless of whether or not Wallace restructures, I’ve come to the mindset that he will be on the team regardless, especially after John Harbaugh’s press conference last week.

@SekeraAndrew asks: At this point without any cuts made yet, can we assume Williams and Wagner are gone?

I believe that it’s best to assume both are gone. I’ve personally heard Williams is interested in a payday. I take everything with a grain of salt, but even so he’ll likely be too expensive for the team. Rick Wagner is an interesting case, as Harbaugh has spoken highly of him, but it was reported this week that Wagner will “Blow the lid” off of the market. Wagner is seeking at least $7 million per year, so I don't see him returning regardless.

@Daxs19 asks: Do you think the Ravens should use their sixth round draft pick on running back Joe Mixon or is that too high to draft him?

I don't think there’s any chance Mixon falls to the sixth round. There is a case to be made that he is the best running back in the draft, but won't be drafted as such due to his off-the-field issues. Overall, I’m inclined to believe the team still wants to avoid players like Mixon after the PR nightmare that occurred with Ray Rice, especially considering Harbaugh’s comments at the Combine.

@YashaYahu asks: Could WR Ross be a pick for us at 16?

Washington wide receiver John Ross murdered the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, breaking Chris Johnson’s record with a 4.22 time. A lot of people will look at Ross and only see his speed, but the footwork and route running is outstanding as well. To be honest, I don't know if Ross will be there when the Ravens pick. Tennessee, Philadelphia and Buffalo are all looking for talented pass catchers and may snatch Ross before the Ravens get a chance. I will say that I’m concerned with Ross’ major knee injuries and his shoulder he’ll have surgery on in the coming weeks.

@Kyle_etidot asks: Considering the stance on domestic violence, is Marshall worth making an exception for?

This is a really good question. I think Marshall has done an excellent job of using his platform to advocate for mental illness. Marshall hasn't had any reported issues that I know of since 2012, so the Ravens may take a flier on him if he chooses them as a destination. Because Marshall requested his release, I have to think he has a general idea of where he wants to go and contacting Steve Smith to feel out the organization may be a good sign.

@RyanG77 asks: Do we take a chance on someone like Christian McCaffrey at 16 or is that too early for him? He can be used in many ways.

I’m a huge fan of McCaffrey. A lot of people may think 16 is too high, but even if he isn't running the ball 20 times a game, you can still manufacture those touches for him by utilizing his receiving skills. I’ll go on record saying McCaffrey is worthy of being selected in the first round because of his skill set. His weight may not be optimal but his agility and vision are through the roof, and that could allow him to avoid big hits. I don't think the Ravens will draft him however. I took an in depth look at Kenneth Dixon last week, and I believe the team will ride him out to see what he can give them with a bigger workload. And this draft is historically loaded at HB. If the Ravens do take one, I expect it to be a late Day two or early Day three pick.

@ScarecrowRaven6 asks: Will Joe Flacco play better this year, and was his play last year a result of the torn ACL from the prior year?

I suspect he will be better, but I don't attribute his bad play to the ACL tear. Flacco simply made bad reads. The Jets game was lost on Flacco’s poor throws and he didn't play well against Cleveland this year as a whole either. I think he makes bad throws, trying to fit the ball into tighter windows than he should and still makes terrible reads too often. He absolutely needs to play better to justify that cap burden.

Thank you to all who participated this week! If you come across any questions during the week feel free to tweet them at @Bmorebatdown or @tjack94!