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How the Baltimore Ravens won the 2017 NFL Combine

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

After two days filled with athletic phenoms, the Baltimore Ravens may have won Day Two of the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine.

John Ross - The bolt of lightning guaranteed a first round selection with the record breaking forty time (4.22) and the fifth best broad jump by wide receivers since 2003 (11’ 1”) (According to These stats, along with his on-the-field production last year, prove he’s capable of NFL play, so long as the injury bug leaves him alone. Either way, this could be a player a team ahead of Baltimore may want to take early to stretch the field and punish weak safety play.

O.J. Howard - A man measuring in at 6’6” and 249 pounds, ran a 4.51 40-yard dash.

For comparison, O.J. ran the same time as Fournette, while standing six inches taller and ten more pounds. A clear freak of nature. Howard was a top product of Alabama, and produced consistently, even in the CFB Championship game. A tight end with his resume may drop another prospect to the Ravens. Safeties will not enjoy covering a player so big, so fast, so strong. It is worrisome though, because a freak tight end from Alabama could be too tempting for Ozzie, the former tight end from Bama. Would he be a great addition, yes. The problem though, Ozzie has invested in Nick Boyle, Darren Waller, Maxx Williams, Dennis Pitta and Benjamin Watson. Baltimore needs to direct their attention elsewhere.

Evan Engram - A tight end with fluid hips, great hands, and a faster forty than both A.J. Green and DeAndre Hopkins. While Howard is clearly the front runner, don’t count out a second powerful prospect from a reach. Teams love a true tight end threat, and Engram is proving he can make plays.

It only takes one reach, or one out-of-the-ordinary pick to drop a better prospect into the Ravens range. The gaudy stats of the combine have helped Baltimore with a possible fall to their 16 overall.