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LB Reuben Foster sent home from Combine after argument with doctor

College Football Playoff National Championship Media Day Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

One of the strangest combine stories one will ever read involves Alabama linebacker and projected early first round pick Reuben Foster will miss the opportunity to be interviewed by NFL teams.

The oddest thing in this odd story is that Foster was not even scheduled to participate in combine drills. The root cause of the argument is unknown.

Whether this development will cause Foster to slide down the draft board come draft day is also unknown but perhaps unlikely. Alabama's pro day now is of paramount importance for the linebacker, who will need to explain this conflict in team interviews to stabilize his stock.

If he does fall, it should not be expected to be outside of the top 15 picks.

One thing that does not help his case is the fact that Foster plays a position that not many teams will value at the top of the draft. C.J. Mosley came into his draft as a blue chip, completely clean prospect but after he was passed on by the Bills at 9, the only team that needed linebacker help was Pittsburgh, though the went with Ryan Shazier at 15 over Mosley. Foster may see a similar slide, from the top 10 (and potentially the top 5) to the top 15 if the story uncovers more issues than initially thought.