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Ravens head coach John Harbaugh welcomes former Chargers fans

Baltimore Beatdown also welcomes you!

Baltimore Ravens v San Diego Chargers

With the Chargers move to Los Angeles, many San Diego fans are searching for a new team to cheer for. The Baltimore Ravens are becoming the lost fans new team, especially with fan favorites Eric Weddle and Danny Woodhead on the roster.

I for one, am always for more fans to root for the Charm City squad, and it looks like Harbaugh is on board as well. During the AFC coaches’ breakfast during the Annual League Meeting in Phoenix, Harbaugh answered a question about former Chargers fans searching for a new team.

When asked is John Harbaugh wanted to take time to recruit Chargers fans:

“(laughs) Yeah, I saw Eric’s been recruiting Chargers fans—absolutely,” Harbaugh said. “I know there are some great bars out there that are Ravens bars; let’s build on that. Matter fact, they talk about playing games in Mexico— I wouldn’t want to give up a home game or anything— I would take a preseason game out there. We could do training camp out there!”

Harbaugh immediately took back the sentence though, “No, nope, we can’t do it. Our Baltimore fans, they care too much. We can’t. But I will say that Eric Weddle is doing a great job of recruiting Chargers fans, so, bring them on.”

He finished with quite the grin, as you can see in the video here from

While I love our sister site,, I’m in the same boat as coach Harbs, bring ‘em on.