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2017 NFL Combine Live Stream: Open Thread

Watch Party with Baltimore Beatdown

2013 NFL Combine Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Today, is sharing the 2017 NFL Combine with the masses for free. LINK HERE.

NOTE: When I started streaming, after the commercial passes, click the red “Go Live” link on the right side of the page.

Today’s Position Prospects:


Offensive Line

Special Teams

Baltimore Beatdown produced a great list of prospects over today. I highly suggest reading this.

Today’s Schedule:

9:00 AM ET — 40-Yard Dash

10:00 AM ET — Positional Skill Drills

11:00 AM ET — 40-Yard Dash

12:00 PM ET — Positional Skill Drills

1:00 PM ET — Three-Cone & Shuttle Drills

Questions for today:

Which prospects today are you most focused on?

What player(s) do you believe rise their draft stock?

What player(s) do you believe lower their draft stock?