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Dick Cass says the Ravens are done in free agency until after the NFL Draft

The Ravens usually make impact signings after the draft.

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

The Baltimore Ravens have had a very unusual and completely unrecognizable offseason. They have been active in free agency; signing Danny Woodhead, Tony Jefferson, and Brandon Carr. Along with resigning Anthony Levine and Brandon Williams.

General Manager Ozzie Newsome and team president Dick Cass have made it their mission this offseason to improve the team and boost an 8-8 record from 2016. Now, it seems it's back to business as usual for the Ravens as The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec caught up with Cass at the owners meetings in Phoenix, Arizona. Cass made it clear that the team is likely done in free agency for now until after the NFL Draft in Philadelphia. However, he did leave the door open for another signing in the next couple of weeks. Below are Zrebiec's tweets from Monday:

Some might not like this, but this is how the team has always conducted their business. What they've pulled off in free agency may be the only time we ever see this regime be so aggressive.

Baltimore letting the market play out and pouncing post draft is where Newsome has left his mark, and has signed players that have contributed on the field. Players like Vonta Leach, Daryl Smith, Ricky Williams, Bryant McKinnie and others come to mind.

Patience, as always, is key and there is still six months before the 2017 season kicks off. Who knows what under-the-radar player Newsome could sign after the draft that helps the team this season? As the old saying goes, one man's junk is another one's treasure. The Ravens with Ozzie Newsome have been the primary definition of that idiom in the NFL.