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Midday Baltimore Ravens News Round-up

Never a dull moment

Philadelphia Eagles v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The NFL offseason news flow keeps chugging along as teams continue to retool their rosters before the draft.

Here are today’s pertinent storylines:

  • Kamar Aiken has reached an agreement to sign with Indianapolis is reporting the former Ravens wide receiver has agreed to a one-year deal with the Colts. Terms of the contract are not available at this time. Aiken could factor into the Ravens compensatory draft picks formula, depending on the value of his contract.

  • John Ross is planning to visit the Ravens in April says the speedy receiver from Washington has already visited the Eagles, and he will visit the Ravens and Browns after he heals from recent shoulder surgery. Ross has become a trendy player to mock to the Ravens in the first round. Does this visit lend credence or is it a smokescreen?

  • The terms of Brandon Carr’s contract have been released

Sportrac spells out all the details of this extremely complex option contract. This is a team friendly deal for the Ravens because the dead money is minimized as much as possible while the option structure means Carr could potentially qualify for a compensatory pick.

  • Ken McKusick takes an in-depth look at Brandon Carr

In his Filmstudy piece on RSR, Ken breaks down every play Carr was involved in during four games last season. In short, Carr is at his best as a bump-and-run corner. He is a bit shy in run support, which could explain his remarkable durability. Will Dean Pees finally utilize more press man coverage now that he has two big, physical corners on the outside?

  • MMQB released an interesting piece on the economics of NFL contracts

Andrew Brandt explains the Buccaneers unique salary cap management strategy:

This is very different from the Ravens creative cap management philosophy of recent years. Are Ozzie Newsome and Pat Moriarty being frivolous with the Ravens salary cap ‘credit card’?

  • Brooke Cersismo interviews new Ravens safety Tony Jefferson

Black-on-black is his favorite uniform combination, he has become fast friends with Danny Woodhead, and more...

  • The NFL may make a change to the overtime rules

Fox Sports is reporting the competition committee will proposal a rule change to shrink the overtime period from 15 to 10 minutes. Hopefully this will not result in more ties, nobody likes kissing their sister.