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Baltimore Beatdown Mailbag: Where does the team go now?

Free agency has settled, how does the team improve now?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another edition of the Baltimore Beatdown Mailbag, where I take to Twitter, collecting your questions about the Ravens.

@Ryanlapinski2 asks: What are the chances that you see the Ravens taking a receiver round one?

Good question Ryan. I get this one a lot, but if the right player is on the board it will be hard for the team to pass him up, but the picture is cloudy. Davis is a stud, but the ankle injury and inability to test might scare teams off a little bit. John Ross comes with injury concerns, as he's suffered quite a few lower body injuries in addition to the shoulder injury he's currently nursing. I would say the chances are good, but the team also needs to improve on the offensive line.

@KyledroppinNumbers3 asks: Zach Brown, why sign him or why pass? I like his play on the field. As far as his attitude I'm not so sure.

Unfortunately I can't answer this in too much depth as I haven't had the opportunity to study Brown’s tape, but the Bills games that I watched looked encouraging. I liked his athleticism coming out of UNC and it appears that coaching really helped him put things together in Buffalo. I think a guy like that would fit in Baltimore, as I’ve shown a ton of admiration for Pees and the coaching staff and how they get the best out of players. I’m not very informed on the character issues, but it may contribute to the reason he was on a one year deal.

@akikuta asks: What are the chances the Ravens take Christian McCaffrey in the draft (if available)?

I would say slim to none. I love McCaffrey, I just don't think the team will place a high priority on him based on the moves they've made so far this offseason. Some will argue he's not a fit, but he played in the most pro-style-esque offense in college football at Stanford. Again, I love McCaffrey, I don't know if the organization does though.

@rlukeclifford asks: Would the Ravens consider signing V-Jax to a deal to come in and be that veteran complimentary WR?

I honestly don't think Vincent Jackson has anything left in the tank. He didn't contribute last year when he was healthy and I don't see that changing in Baltimore. He may be able to come in and help mentor a player like Perriman, but I don't know what he could provide that Wallace can't from a mentoring standpoint. I would say no to Jackson.

@YungRboyGenius asks: With Elvis Dumervil off the roster, do you think Matt Judon can take it to the next level? What about Kamalai Correa?

I liked what I saw from Judon in spurts throughout the season. He’s a younger player that benefitted from being a rotational player. I would expect that he’ll take on a more substantial role and should benefit from Williams re-signing and Jernigan playing in a contract year. I didn't get to see enough of Correa to see if he's a long term contributor or a depth guy, but I’m a fan of Judon and what he can bring to the team.

@mRw_24 asks: Do you see the Ravens drafting Flacco's heir within the next two drafts?

Smart teams do draft QBs early frequently and so do not smart teams (looking at you, Browns). The Patriots usually draft a QB in the first three rounds once every two or three years and I don't think it would hurt the Ravens to do the same. 2017 should be the tell all year for Flacco and what direction he may be taking with his career. I think it'd be wise to draft talent you think you can develop just in case.

@JaredWayneJone2 asks: Who is going to make the bigger impact in the secondary in 2017 (Carr, Young, Smith, Weddle, or Jefferson).

Tough question. It’s hard to judge impact like that because I think the culmination of players will make everyone better. If I had to pick somebody, I would actually pick the duo at safety. The cornerbacks will likely improve with quality help over the top, which could ultimately help Tavon Young and any other corner the team may draft develop into a pro-bowl caliber player.

Thats all for this week! Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @Bmorebeatdown as we continue to answer your questions!