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Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks trade talk heating up, should Ravens inquire?

New Orleans Saints v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

As per a few reports, trade talk about Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks is growing by the hour. There are even reports of first round picks involved.

The trade talk rumor isn’t coming from nowhere, but rather, growing from the Brandin’s frustration during the season.

The first question for Ravens fans, are you interested in Brandin Cooks? I doubt any Baltimore fan says no. Trey Wingo posted a rather impressive stat about Brandin earlier today.

Clearly Ravens fans would jump at the opportunity to acquire a young talent with more than potential. A bonafide NFL wide receiver, only age 23, with three seasons of experience and two 1,000 yard seasons. This is a top-end talent wide receiver. Keep in mind, the two best wide receiver prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft, Mike Williams and Corey Davis, are only a year younger, with zero NFL experience.

Is he worth this years first round pick? Few argue yes while the majority disagrees; but if Baltimore spent their first rounder on a pass-catcher who produced 1,000 yards receiving, everybody would jump for joy.

Cooks is very similar to the wide-outs already on the Ravens roster, nine-route receivers with good hands and dangerous over the top. Brandin isn’t the big receiver Baltimore desperately needs. He also is due for another contract after this season, either the fifth-year option or a brand new deal, both will require high-end money.