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Baltimore Beatdown staff picks: One rookie the Ravens don’t want to see in the AFC North

Its time to look at the young bucks that could land in the AFC North.

Tennessee v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Previously, the staff here on Baltimore Beatdown evaluated the one free agent they felt the Ravens wouldn't want to go up against next season. Now, we take a look at the upcoming draft class that will take an NFL field for the first time in their careers.

The rookies coming in are far different than the free agents simply because of the fact that they could possibly last a decade with the team that drafts them. Free agents on the other hand last about three to five years. Which means one rookie by an AFC North rival could hurt the Ravens for many years to come.

The staff gave their choice for the one rookie that they don't want to see join the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns:

Jacob Louque

Myles Garrett - The Cleveland Browns have several big decisions to make this offseason, but none more colossal than what to do with the number one overall pick in the upcoming draft. It’s early, but with no elite signal caller available, it seems the conventional wisdom is that they take the can't-miss edge rusher. Seeing as this is likely the correct move, it's the one that I'd least want to see the Browns make, as it would probably mean terror for Joe Flacco for the next decade.

Logan Levy

Tim Williams - The Steelers defense would greatly improve with another dominant pass-rusher. Tim Williams is the second best pass-rusher in this years draft class. However, due to his off-field issues, he could slide to the end of the first round. If he falls to Pittsburgh, this could spell trouble for Joe Flacco and the Ravens offensive line.

Vasilis Lericos

Mike Williams - The Ravens have enough trouble covering A.J. Green. Another big athletic specimen on the opposite side would make life easy on Andy Dalton. Williams would also draw attention away from tight end Tyler Eifert and wide receiver Tyler Boyd. Cincinnati's offense would have an arsenal of dangerous weapons.

Matt Cohen

Malik Hooker - Joe Flacco loves to throw the deep ball, and there aren't many safeties in the AFC North that deter him from doing so. That would change with Hooker. Hooker is a ball hawking safety who has the potential to be the next superstar at the position. Hooker not only has the ability to make Flacco's life miserable by creating turnovers, but his coverage ability may limit the amount of downfield shots the Ravens can take.

Tyler Jackson

Jamal Adams - Adams is one of the blue chip talents in this draft. Building off of Matt's pick of Malik Hooker, Adams would be a nightmare patrolling deep. The Ravens already struggle with the Bengals. With the usual draft run at quarterbacks (three different ones could be selected in the top 10), it's not unrealistic to believe Adams could be available at nine.

Who is the one rookie you don't want to see end up in a Steelers, Bengals, and Browns uniform come draft day?