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Baltimore Ravens front office striking while the iron is hot

Window of opportunity is open

Baltimore Ravens Rookie Camp Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

It’s clear the Ravens are after the Lombardi Trophy for the upcoming 2017-2018 season. Ozzie and Eric both know the teams window is wide open; they’re seizing the opportunity.

One of Baltimore’s divisional opponents, the Cincinnati Bengals, suffered multiple losses during the free agency frenzy. Andrew Whitworth, their best offensive lineman, signed with the Los Angeles Rams. On multiple occasions Whitworth stone-walled Terrell Suggs. He’s a top left tackle, regardless of his age. Cincy also lost Kevin Zeitler, one of the best young guards in the NFL, to the Cleveland Browns. This puts Andy Dalton under pressure, and if Baltimore somehow finds a passrusher in the draft the defense will tee off against the striped squad. Remember, the Bengals are a worthy opponent; they’ve embarrassed the Ravens on multiple occasions. Hopefully with these losses, the Ravens can overcome the recent defeats.

Cleveland looks real. Okay, for real this time. I’m serious.

The front office, the most important part of any franchise, is making competent moves. They’re acquiring every draft pick possible, and if they land a few their team will become stronger than the rest of the AFC North is comfortable with. They are still quarterback-less, which leaves them out of the race to the postseason. This will be enough for Baltimore to keep them at bay.

This leaves only the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’re good, and I won’t be discounting them or acting as if they aren’t. Top three back, top two receiver and an eventual Hall of Fame quarterback isn’t something you can brush off. But Baltimore re-signed their important players and the recent free agent additions look to combat the Steelers offense. Brandon Williams to continue swallowing up blockers, Tony Jefferson to support the run stop ability while also being skilled in coverage, capable of making key stops. Yesterday’s signing of Brandon Carr also hints of combating the Steelers never-ending offensive weapon productions. If only the Ravens could produce a young, skilled receiver like they do.

Baltimore looks to change their recent 8-8 finishes. Through re-signings and additions, expect the team to fight for a Super Bowl in 2017-2018.