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Despite activity in free agency, the Baltimore Ravens still have missing pieces

Free agency won’t be enough

The most active free agency in years won’t be enough for the Ravens to find themselves back in the post-season. The excitement is finally dying down, and a hard look is necessary to focus on the Ravens weaknesses.

Positions to worry about:

Right tackle - Currently, the depth chart for Baltimore reads: Alex Lewis, James Hurst, De’Ondre Wesley. The Ravens relied upon Wagner, and with his departure Baltimore needs a replacement immediately. Lewis looked good in his guard role on the left side, hopefully he can transition to right tackle. It won’t be easy, going from 3- and 5-techs to outside rushers is a completely different ball-game, moreso when you’re flip-flopping from the left side to right.

Wide receiver - Baltimore lost their best starting receiver to retirement this year. He was closer to forty than thirty. With Steve Smith Sr. no longer around, Baltimore is losing a key starter. The Ravens wide receiver development hasn’t produced, and Kamar Aiken is still up-in-the-air on returning. He clearly wasn’t happy after the 2016-2017 season, but he’s flying low on free agency rumors.

Pass rushers - As it stands, Baltimore lost one of their passrushers this offseason, Elvis Dumervil. With Dumervil, the team struggled to generate pressure. On the biggest stage, Christmas Day, against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore couldn’t reach Ben Roethlisberger. Terrell Suggs will turn 35 in October, Baltimore needs to find their new generation of attack.

Positions on notice:

Inside Linebacker - The most upsetting story this offseason, Zachary Orr’s departure. An undrafted linebacker who built himself into an All-Pro talent, retired at 24 years old due to a congenital neck issue. Orr was set to receive a new contract, but rather than risk his life on the field, he declined millions of dollars and will march down a new path. With Orr’s absence, Baltimore needs an inside linebacker to pair with All-Pro C.J. Mosley. The Ravens are a linebacker factory, but Orr will be missed.

Cornerback - Every single season this is brought up, addressed and then unsuccessful. Kyle Arrington, Shareece Wright and Jerraud Powers were all acquired and didn’t play to expectations. Yet again, Baltimore looks to find a CB2. Jimmy Smith can play with the best of them, but the team faulters against air raid teams. In a division with Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, Martavis Bryant and Markus Wheaton, the final quarter of defense struggles due to lack of coverage and adjustments from opposition.

The offseason is nowhere near over, but don’t let the excitement overwhelm you. Baltimore isn’t done, and Ozzie isn’t backing off anytime soon. There is still the draft and a full summer to build upon.