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Cleveland Browns may attempt to trade for Kirk Cousins

Could the pro-bowl passer be on his way to the AFC North?

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have been in search of a franchise type signal caller since Bill Belichick scattered Bernie Kosar to the wind back in the early 1990’s. If a recent report from Pro Football Talk has any real traction, their front office may soon make a move for one:

This would be an intriguing move for Cleveland while also representing a cruel twist of fate for Cousins. According to reports, he recently requested a trade to San Francisco, and when it wasn't granted, he was apprehensive about signing his franchise tender due to concerns about being traded to the Browns. This trade could now hypothetically go down regardless of what Cousins wants because he did indeed sign the franchise tag.

While his desire to avoid joining a 1-15 outfit is certainly valid, it would seem to be a favorable matchup for head coach Hue Jackson, who has a bona fide record of working with quarterbacks. It would also give him the opportunity to get away from arguably the most toxic organization in the league right now.

Cleveland’s wheeling and dealing for seemingly every other draft pick over the next two years gives them enough leverage to pull off almost any trade they would like to this offseason, it just comes down to what they are willing to pay to acquire Cousins. Washington’s inexplicable aversion to committing to him could ultimately lead them to trade him to the Browns, where the Baltimore Ravens would face him twice a year.