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Baltimore Beatdown staff roundtable: Discussing the Ravens offseason, free agency and draft prospect fits

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Our staff analyzes the Baltimore Ravens offseason maneuvers thus far, and highlight several free agents and draft prospects that would help the team reach the postseason next season.

1. What are your overarching thoughts on the Ravens offseason so far?

Jacob Louque - The front office seems intent on pushing this team into the double digit win column, and I'd wager that a few more nice moves would get them there. Jefferson and Woodhead provide provide different dimensions to both sides of the field, and having Williams back will be huge for the front seven.

Brian Malan - So far, I love how aggressive we have been. I can't think of the last time that we went out and signed one of the biggest free agents to be more than a veteran stop gap and acquired an actual franchise cornerstone. We have spent more in the first day of free agency than we have in the last two years combined.

Tyler Jackson - I believe they did a really good job of adding to the defense. Williams would've been a huge loss because of Orr’s retirement. Jefferson is an infusion of youth for a team that previously avoided players that were seeking huge second contracts. I do worry about the offensive line though. I've not been Rick Wagner's biggest fan by any means, but it's hard to replace a starter at tackle with quality play. I'm a fan of Danny Woodhead as well considering the Dixon news.

Evan Mazza - Well, they are certaintly taking a more aggressive approach than usual. It's weird, but refreshing and exciting at the same time. It seems that Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh have heard the boss loud and clear, it's time to win. After coming so close to the postseason in 2016, we knew they were going to try to do what they could to finish the job. But I don't think anyone expected them to sign Tony Jefferson, Danny Woodhead and Brandon Williams. And they are not done by a long shot.

Logan Levy - Stunned. I am completely shocked but happy. I thought the Ravens would be passive in the opening days of free agency but they have been the complete opposite. They went out and upgraded their secondary and found a way to keep Brandon Williams. The only clear remaining holes would be RT, OLB, WR and CB. All of which can be filled in the draft and/or free agency.

Matt Cohen - No, the big three needs haven't been addressed yet, but Ozzie Newsome and his staff have done an excellent job nonetheless. Never before have the Ravens been so aggressive early in free agency, and it has paid off. The Ravens were able to land the best safety and the best defensive tackle on the market in Tony Jefferson and Brandon Williams respectively. The Ravens retained their run stuffer and created the best safety duo in the NFL. The signing of Danny Woodhead brings much needed depth to the running backs. But Woodhead is better than just a depth piece, he may even be the Week 1 starter.

Vasilis Lericos - I have a nuanced view of the Ravens offseason decisions so far. While I don’t believe their aggressiveness is as out of character as some believe (they were aggressive in free agency last offseason too) the emphasis on signing younger players is a clear departure from the veteran stopgap acquisition strategy that has been detrimental to the salary cap in recent years. On the other hand, setting the market at devalued positions and maintaining a strong run defense at the expense of other phases is questionable. If the Ravens can bolster their OL and add a couple pieces to the pass defense, they will be legitimate contenders next season. If not, the large contract outlays could backfire.

Yitzi Weiss - Ozzie is changing his methods from what was clearly not working the past few years. With the rapidly rising cap, smart money is on these signings looking like bargains in a year or 2. No, he did not fill all the holes and WR still is a big one, but there really wasn't much out there which could have been considered an upgrade once Marshall decided to stay in NY.

2. Which current unsigned free agent would make the biggest positive impact on the Ravens?

Jacob - Morris Claiborne. I'm not sure this would be a massive signing by any stretch, as Claiborne has struggled with health and consistency. However, they need to add a cornerback, and upside exists if the money is right.

Brian - Just as everyone is talking about, Morris Claiborne would be the biggest, positive impact for us. For years now, CB depth and talent has been the biggest reason we have been coming up short. We have allowed 83 passing touchdowns the last 3 years....we need a vast group of trusted players to bring that number down.

Tyler - I think the team should look into re-signing Kamar Aiken. A lot of fans were unimpressed with his 2016 campaign, but with Wallace, Smith, Pitta, Perriman and the rest of the TEs, it was hard to feed everyone consistently. I like Aiken's skill set a lot and the team should be showing interest in bringing him back.

Evan - Anquan Boldin. Yeah, yeah, I know this one is thrown around all the time. This guy has been brought up in conversations ever since the team traded him, it's gotten to the point of overkill. Boldin recently announced that he would be returning for another season, and you know what, it's time. It's time to bring "Q" home. Steve Bisciotti pretty much admitted that trading Boldin was a mistake during the end of the season press conference. Boldin, even at his age, is still producing and is still a quality player in this league. Flacco needs someone like Boldin and they have great chemistry with each other. Boldin would come cheap and I'm sure the Ravens and Joe Flacco would love to have him back.

Logan - King Dunlap. Dunlap would fill the hole at right tackle with Rick Wagner in Detroit. My other pick would be Nick Mangold. The Ravens first priority should be protecting Joe Flacco. Replacing Jeremy Zuttah and getting a new right tackle would do that.

Matt - Nick Mangold. Mangold is still one of the best centers in the league, and would bring a veteran presence to the middle of the offensive line. If the Ravens are able to land Ethan Pocic in the draft, Mangold would be able to mentor him.

Vasilis - Mangold. He is not as dominant as he was a few years ago, but has not allowed a sack in his last 33 straight games. His experience and intelligence would have a positive impact on the entire offense, in the same way Matt Birk did from 2009-2012. Four above average blockers in a row from left tackle to right guard would allow the offense to thrive. I’m also in favor of signing a veteran big bodied possession receiver, either Boldin or Aiken.

Yitzi - Connor Barwin, OLB. Other then Mangold, I don't see anyone who clearly upgrades our starting lineup. While Mangold is already 33, Barwin is just 30 and could help bridge the gap until the young guys develop and/or Ozzie drafts another stud OLB.

3. Which draft prospect with an early round grade would be a perfect fit on the Ravens?

Jacob - John Ross. I have been standing on the table for Ross since before his record breaking 40 time, and I'll continue to do so until the Ravens pick is announced. He is exceptionally fast, but don't let that fool you into thinking he is a one dimensional player. He would automatically be the best receiver on the Ravens, and Joe Flacco would love chucking it to him deep.

Brian - RB Dalvin Cook would be a perfect fit here. He is a gamebreaker, both running and catching. The answer to our offense isn't a bunch of new is a new RB. The chances of us finding the next 1,300-yard rusher as much greater than finding the next 1,300-yard WR. A threat out of the backfield drives our offense and helps Joe. Cook would be a great player here.

Tyler - I would say Reuben Foster or Marlon Humphrey. Both are very physical players that would help add depth and upside to the roster. I've been a big advocate for Tavon Young, but Humphrey would be a nice insurance policy for the oft injured Jimmy Smith. Reuben Foster is just a stud who would fit well alongside Mosley.

Evan - Corey Davis. After the Ravens sign a free agent wide receiver, whoever it is, the team should double dip and draft another one with the #16th overall pick. I believe Corey Davis would fit in perfectly. Standing at 6'3" 209 lbs, Davis was productive in college, has a knack for the ball and great competitiveness. He's just the kind of young playmaker Joe Flacco needs and he can be a great complement to Breshad Perriman for many years to come.

Logan - Marlon Humphrey. Humphrey is one of the many early round prospects that could start immediately. The Ravens need another pro-ready cornerback, Humphrey could be the guy.

Matt - Corey Davis. In my mind, Davis is the best receiver in this class. He has plus size, speed and strength. In addition, he is the best route runner in this class. Davis is able to create separation, but can also make the tough catches when he is covered. He defines a playmaking wide receiver. The Ravens should be running to the podium if Davis is available at the 16th pick.

Vasilis - Marcus Williams. The Utah free safety is a bonafide centerfield ballhawk, a skill set that does not come around often. He should be available on Day 2. Range on the backend would give the Ravens tremendous defensive versatility and the personnel to match up against any passing attack, from twin tight end sets to spread, by pairing Tony Jefferson with C.J. Mosley as nickel linebackers.

Yitzi - Corey Davis, WR. While I like Mike Williams and Derek Barnett, I feel like Davis brings the biggest upgrade at a position of need for the Ravens. His route running and size would give us a perfect sidekick for Joe for the rest of his Ravens career. Flacco has lacked an elite target for his first nine years in Baltimore.

4. Which draft prospect with a Day 3 grade would be a perfect fit for the Ravens?

Jacob - Sidney Jones. This is probably a pipe dream, but if Jones' unfortunately timed Achilles tear were to push him past the third round, the Ravens should be all over him like white on rice.

Brian - CB Corn Elder from Miami. He is a senior with over 40 career games, as good of a press CB as there is, and a fearless leader.

Tyler - I like Jamaal Williams if he falls that far. He suffered through injuries at BYU, but I like his explosiveness and vision. He could come in, compete for snaps and ultimately take over the HB position if he plays well enough early on.

Evan - Kyle Fuller. The center out of Baylor would be an interesting developmental pick to take a flier on in the 4th or 5th rounds. He also played guard in college. The Ravens need depth at guard and some competition at the center position. If the Ravens can get a free agent center like Mangold, Fuller can develop under his tutelage for a year or two.

Logan - Jon Toth, Center Kentucky. He may not be there by Day 3 but he could be the long-term solution at center for Baltimore. It may not be the flashiest of picks, but could be a much needed one. Toth is a smart, tough center who has a high football IQ. The downside with him is a lack of athleticism.

Matt - Ejuan Price. Price reminds me a lot of James Harrison. Both boast a physical style of play, and an unmatched desire to get to the quarterback once the ball is snapped.'s Lance Zierlein even described it as a "bulldog mentality.” Price finished the season with 13 sacks. His physical style of play matches the AFC North perfectly.

Vasilis - Taywan Taylor. The productive Western Kentucky slot receiver’s consensus projections are right on the borderline between the third and fourth round. His ability to gain separation underneath through quickness and precise route running would complement the Ravens receiver corps perfectly.

Yitzi - Taylor Moton, G/OT, Western Michigan. Not sure he quite makes it to Day 3, but if he was there at the end of the 3rd he should be a target. Could play guard or right tackle for us. Has a nice mean streak, would be a plug and play option for our offensive line.