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Eric Weddle takes shot at Chargers organization

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers have built an unsavory reputation when it comes to player relations, and their former safety Eric Weddle directly confirmed this with a tweet after the release of offensive tackle King Dunlap:

The big beard from the top rope.

When Weddle left the then San Diego Chargers following 2015, it was reported as a highly contentious split, and Weddle essentially confirmed when stating, “he would probably never talk to them again.”

While it was well known Weddle had strong feelings about his departure from the team, it’s interesting to see a player criticize their former organization in such a public manner. Most would expect the relationship between both parties to eventually thaw, but clearly nothing has changed.

Even though it is a surprise to see this come out, it isn't necessarily the most shocking when it comes to the Charger’s organization. Their controversial move to Los Angeles is one example; also, the bizarre handling of their third overall pick, Joey Bosa, and the contract dispute during training camp.

Things are decaying quickly, so bad to the point certain Chargers fans are not only voicing their support for Weddle on Twitter, but also stating their intentions to convert into Ravens fans. As to whether these are Los Angelinos refusing to support a team they didn't want, or simply disaffected San Diegans looking for a team they can root for, we in Ravens nation will certainly take them.

As for Dunlap, he has the potential to become yet another former Charger who could join the Ravens if Ozzie Newsome is looking to find a replacement for Ricky Wagner. Here's to hoping Weddle’s famed recruiting skills could land another prospect.