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Baltimore Beatdown staff picks: One free agent the Ravens don’t want to see in the AFC North

Who is the one free agent you don't want to see in the AFC North?

Dennis Wierzbicki, USA TODAY Sports

With the start of the new league year approaching, teams are set to make a run at free agents they have been coveting ever since the end of their seasons. The Baltimore Ravens have had since their Christmans night defeat at the hands of their bitter rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, to ponder the players they feel the team needs to take the next step.

The same goes for the Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cleveland Browns. With this, there is a distinct possibility that a big name free agent lands in the AFC North facing the Ravens in 2017, and hurting their chances at the playoffs in the process, while helping a division rival. So, I asked our staff here on Baltimore Beatdown who is the one player they hope the Ravens don't see in the AFC North.

Tyler Jackson

Alshon Jeffery - I don't believe any AFC North team is in play for Jeffery, but pairing him with A.J. Green, Terrelle Pryor or Antonio Brown/Martavis Bryant would be a nightmare scenario for Baltimore. Tavon Young is a nice corner but he would struggle playing against receivers that are 6'3” - 6'5” six times a year. Couple that with questions concerning the safety position and Jimmy Smith's fluctuating health, facing Jeffery on any of those behemoths could cost Dean Pees a job.

Vasilis Lericos

Brandon Williams- Pittsburgh's defense quietly improved last season. Adding an anchor like B-Will to their DL between disruptive ends Cameron Heyward and Stephon Tuitt, in front of playmaking ILB Ryan Shazier, to go along with their explosive vertical passing game and outstanding OL would make them a matchup nightmare for the Ravens.

Logan Levy

A.J. Bouye - All the teams in the AFC North could use a top-tier cornerback. Bouye is the best cornerback of the 2017 free agent class. He is a young, fast and physical corner that could haunt Baltimore for years to come if he comes to the AFC North.

Matt Cohen

Kirk Cousins - Cousins has emerged as one of the most productive passers in the NFL with two straight 4,000 yards seasons in DC. If the Redskins choose not to retain Cousins, I'd be shocked if the Browns don't make a run at signing him. Add Cousins to the Browns with Terrelle Pryor (assuming he re-signs) and developing star Corey Coleman, the Ravens secondary would have their work cut out for them.

Update: The Washington Redskins placed the exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Kirk Cousins Tuesday afternoon.

Up next, the Baltimore Beatdown staff will make their pick for the one rookie coming out of this years draft the Ravens shouldn't want to see in the AFC North.

Now the floor is yours fans. Who is the one free agent you don't want to see land in the AFC North this offseason?