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Feast your eyes on the Ravens concept soccer uniforms

Noah Kline

The 2017 NFL offseason has now begun, and while the New England Patriots fingerprints are still freshly visible on the Lombardi trophy, football fans will need every bit of content available to get them through the doldrums of February and into the opening of free agency.

One such thing that always seems to crop up around this time is alternate concept logos and uniforms of current teams that, while never truly influential or significant, are always fun to look at. A fresh batch was recently released, and detail what each NFL team’s uniforms would look like if they were playing the other version of football:

The Baltimore Ravens kits can be found third down from the top, and while they are stylistically minimal, they are impressively made and true to the original uniforms.

The alternate kit with the Maryland flag as the shirt may seem a bit more outlandish, but those who follow soccer know that some alternate jerseys can be quite zany, especially for some of the bigger clubs like FC Barcelona or Manchester City for example.

Regardless of the significance of these concept ideas, they are always entertaining to look at, and give football fans a pleasant distraction throughout the absence of the actual game.