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Baltimore Ravens offered their entire 2008 draft class to pick Matt Ryan

NFL: Preseason-Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2008, the Baltimore Ravens were desperate. A franchise quarterback was waiting to be selected, and the Ravens were willing to do about anything to make it happen.

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, that meant the entire 2008 draft class was on the table.

The Ravens offered their entire draft for the rights to pick Ryan, sources said, going from No. 8 to No. 2. The trade nearly happened, but the Rams asked for more. They also wanted Baltimore's second-round pick from 2009 to clinch the deal.

The 2008 Ravens draft class includes:

Rd. 1 Pick 18: QB Joe Flacco
Rd. 2 Pick 55: RB Ray Rice
Rd. 3 Pick 71: LB Tavares Gooden
Rd. 3 Pick 86: S Tom Zbikowski
Rd. 4 Pick 106: WR Marcus Smith

All other selections were compensatory picks, which were not tradeable.

Rather than Flacco, Baltimore runs with Matt Ryan. Problem though, they don’t pick Ray Rice to help the already broken-down offense. Baltimore struggles through a season of a great quarterback play with nobody to utilize.

This trade would have shaken the landscape of the NFL. Baltimore no longer has Joe Flacco, nor Ray Rice. The 2009 second rounder, Paul Kruger, never lands with Baltimore. Though he hasn’t become a high-caliber pass rusher, his play in the back half of the 2012 season helped the Ravens win a Super Bowl. A key sack on third down comes to mind whenever Paul Kruger’s name is mentioned.

Matt Ryan plays with a broken down offense, without Rice to give help and the absence of the ‘08 class leaves Baltimore without depth. Who knows if Ryan could have grown into the MVP he is now. Baltimore hasn’t necessarily given Joe Flacco much help, with the revolving-door of co-ordinators and lack of wide receiver draft development, it’s impossible to know if Baltimore hoists the Super Bowl XLVII Lombardi.