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Ray Lewis: “I don’t have to respect nobody but the Baltimore Ravens”

AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

As the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots get set to face off in Super Bowl LI, it’s fair to say that the entirety of Ravens Nation is pulling for the Falcons, and that includes Ray Lewis.

Ray Lewis went on FS1’s Speak For Yourself and confidently picked the Falcons to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LI, and bring Atlanta its second championship across all sports (the other is the Braves World Series title in 1995).

When the panel discussed whether or not the Patriots deserve to be hated, Lewis stated that the Patriots prior cheating scandals have caused many to lose respect for the team. Jason Whitlock was prompted to then ask Lewis if he respected the Patriots. Lewis replied, “I don’t have to respect nobody but the Baltimore Ravens.”

Check out the full segment below:

Lewis did not outright say he doesn’t respect the Patriots, but he definitely implied it. However, Lewis did try to clean it up as he defended Tom Brady as the best quarterback of all time.

If Lewis truly does not respect the Patriots however, he can have comfort in knowing he is not alone among Ravens Nation.