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What is the dream draft night scenario for the Ravens?

Toledo v Western Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Last week, I wrote about what the worst draft night scenario is for the Ravens. In that mock draft, I had no quarterbacks taken in the top 15, as well as a run on corners and wide receivers, two positions of need for the Ravens. In this post, I’ll focus on what the best possible scenario is for the Ravens:

Ravens Best Case Scenario Mock Draft (Top 15)

Pick Player Position School
Pick Player Position School
1) CLE Myles Garrett DE/OLB Texas A&M
2) SF Deshaun Watson QB Clemson
3) CHI Jonathan Allen DL Alabama
4) JAX Leonard Fournette RB LSU
5) TENN Jamal Adams S LSU
6) NYJ Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State
7) LAC Malik Hooker S Ohio State
8) CAR Dalvin Cook RB Florida State
9) CIN Derek Barnett DE/OLB Tennessee
10) BUF Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina
11) NO Reuben Foster ILB Alabama
12) CLE DeShone Kizer QB Notre Dame
13) ARI O.J. Howard TE Alabama
14) PHI Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama
15) IND Malik McDowell DT Michigan State

It was tempting to let at least one of the top two running back and/or safety prospects slip to the Ravens, but that scenario would be more than a dream. Reality was taken into account when making this dream scenario, and it seems very unrealistic to have such a scenario play out.

What is more likely than seeing Dalvin Cook or Jamal Adams at the sixteenth is the possibility of three quarterbacks taken in the top 15. In my best case scenario mock draft, I have three of the quarterback needy teams, San Francisco, Buffalo and Cleveland each taking a QB. Deshaun Watson heads to the 49ers, Mitch Trubisky to the Bills and DeShone Kizer gets stuck with the Browns. For the Ravens to have a true blue chip player on the board with the 16th pick, teams in front of Baltimore must choose to pass up on the more talented players in favor of a quarterback.

In having three quarterbacks selected in the top 15, the top cornerbacks were able to slide. It would be next to impossible to see Marshon Lattimore slip past the Jets at six overall. The only other corner going ahead of the Ravens is Marlon Humphrey to the Eagles. The Eagles are arguably the most important factor in whether or not the Ravens will have the player they want available. The Eagles have almost identical needs to the Ravens, but likely have wide receiver as the biggest need. Here, they pass up on a wide receiver in favor of Humphrey.

In addition, the Arizona Cardinals, who could be looking to replace Larry Fitzgerald, also pass on a wide receiver. The Cardinals select O.J. Howard, a tight end who will provide an instant impact to the Arizona offense.

This scenario leaves the following players on the board for the Ravens: Mike Williams, Corey Davis, Sidney Jones, Quincy Wilson, Taco Charlton and Cam Robinson.

Based on the main image, it goes without saying who I would select here: Corey Davis. It has been well documented in my series of seven round mock drafts that I love Davis as a prospect, and desperately want him to end up in Baltimore. His size and speed are excellent, and he is one of the most polished route runners to enter the draft in recent memory. I believe wide receiver is the Ravens biggest need, and they are able to address it with the number one player at the position in Corey Davis.

This is thus the dream scenario for the Ravens, the ability to draft the best player at the biggest position of need. From studying film, I have Mike Williams barely second to Davis, and Williams would be a fantastic pick.

If the Ravens choose to go with a corner, Washington’s Sidney Jones is available. Jones is my number two cornerback (Lattimore is number one). I have the Eagles taking Humphrey (my third ranked corner) over Jones as I believe Humphrey could be a better fit for the Eagles. Quincy Wilson is also an excellent corner, but is more of a project than Jones.

The Ravens also have the ability to fill the opening at offensive tackle, as Rick Wagner is set to hit free agency, and does not seem keen to return. With no tackles selected to this point, GM Ozzie Newsome could have his pick of the litter, whether it be Robinson, Ryan Ramczyk or Garett Bolles.

In this scenario, the Ravens have a plethora of options than can help the team immediately, though none more so than Corey Davis. With this type of talent available at the 16th pick, the 2017 NFL Draft truly would be a dream come true.