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Kyle Juszczyk breakdown: From stats to contract 2017

The Baltimore Ravens find themselves in quite the predicament. Kyle Juszczyk, the best fullback in football, is an unrestricted free agent this season after proving his dominating worth.

Not nearly as extreme, Kyle Juszczyk performed at his peak down the stretch, just as QB Joe Flacco in 2012.

In 16 games, Juszczyk caught 37 passes for 266 yards. Though slightly smaller than his 2015 total, Kyle also started four less games. With the Ravens offense in complete disarray, Juszczyk still managed to be unvarnished in his production.

Not many carries were given to Kyle, only five to be exact, but 22 yards were earned, and ten of them gained on one of the best runs in Ravens history.

Fast-forward to now, where Juice is awaiting a new contract with the Ravens, or, with another NFL team.

It’s obvious he likes playing with Baltimore, but money matters.

Back in 2013, Juice signed a 4 year, $2.46 million contract with the Ravens. Not a large amount of money for an NFL contract, and it shouldn’t be. This was a rookie contract, and the CBA limits the money to balance the cap. But now, Kyle is awaiting a well-earned payday.

What is Juszczyk’s value?

Currently, the league is low in fullback payment. Only 21 of 32 teams even possess a roster spot for a fullback. The highest contract for a fullback currently is Kansas City ChiefsAnthony Sherman.

Back in 2013, Arizona traded Sherman to KC. Following the season, in 2014, Anthony signed a 3 year, $7 million extension with the Chiefs. Sherman was 25. Kyle Juszczyk is now 25.

Juice is the best in the league, and will command the most money. If he can’t receive it with Baltimore, he’ll seek the dollars elsewhere.

Juice’s value sits anywhere between 2-4 million dollars, I suspect. Four million is a team with nothing to lose and needing to spend money, a la Browns. Reason for such value, Kyle’s capable of pass-blocking, downfield receiving, and hard-nosed running. His skillset is everything, even special teams play. With so many positions he provides, it’s obvious he’ll command top dollar.

Anthony Sherman’s contract, split year-to-year, averages $2.33 million a year with KC; Juice’s first contract was $2.46 million total. The Ravens will need to fork a minimum three-year deal, floating anywhere in the realm of 8.8-10 million dollars. The value of Juice is difficult, but he’s not a runningback. He can carry the rock, but he isn’t a prized stable horse. He’s a powerful fullback with a swiss army knife’s skillset.