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Ravens special teams ranked lower than #1?

What gives?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If the Baltimore Ravens are known for anything, in recent years, it’s the dominating performance of placekicker Justin Tucker. When Baltimore nears mid-field announcers bring up Tucker’s range. Visual effects plaster the screen from his continued clutch performances, starting with the divisional double overtime kick in the below-zero temp in Mile High. Tucker’s incredible abilities rank number one in history, for best accuracy.

The Ravens also have a dominating punter, Sam Koch, to flip-the-field when the offense can’t produce. Possibly the best tandem in the NFL, but it wasn’t enough for Rick Gosselin's 2016 special teams rankings.

There is reasoning for the ranking, rather than bias dropping Baltimore from the top spot.

The NFL's 32 teams are ranked in 22 kicking-game categories annually by The Dallas Morning News with points assigned in each category according to their standing (one for the best through 32 for the worst).

Ravens fans remember the ugly kickoff & punt teams, both in coverage and return. If it weren’t for the problems on the coverage teams, Baltimore could have ran away with the lead.

Baltimore led the league in multiple categories:

  • Field goals
  • Field goal percentage
  • Blocked kicks

No doubt the Ravens lead the charge in any and all field goal related plays.

The composite score rankings have the Philadelphia Eagles number one, with 226.5. The Ravens sit at 279.5. The worst in the league, San Diego, was given 514 points. The combined average of all teams is 360, leaving Baltimore 80 points stronger than the average.

While the Ravens are not the kings in all special teams positions, the Ravens are clearly ahead in multiple areas, with great special teams coaches heading the operation.