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20 Best Free Agent signings in Ravens history

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens have accomplished tremendous success over their 21 seasons. The team boasts a 54-percent overall winning percentage, is 15-8 all time in the postseason and has earned a pair of unforgettable Super Bowl victories.

A strong case can be made that the top dozen players in franchise history were all homegrown products drafted by the Ravens. Nevertheless, free agent acquisitions have played an important part in the organization’s history. Here are the 20 best free agents ever signed by the Ravens, in terms of their contributions while playing for Baltimore:

20. Steve McNair (2006-2007)

Air McNair finished his impressive career in Baltimore. He shepherded the Ravens to 13 regular season wins in 2006, the most in franchise history, before turning in a dismal postseason performance.

19. Mike Wallace (2016-?)

Wallace did not disappoint in 2016, posting 1017 yards and several game winning touchdowns in his only season with the Ravens so far.

18. Daryl Smith (2013-2015)

This consummate pro made a bunch of tackles, several key interceptions and provided needed leadership after the 2012 veteran exodus.

17. Qadry Ismail (1999-2001)

Signed off the Brian Billick ‘scrap heap,’ he lead the Ravens receiving corps for three consecutive seasons.

16. Jacoby Jones (2012-2014)

Jacoby was a true playmaker for the Ravens. He ran back six special teams touchdowns, caught the Mile High Miracle and another thrilling the Super Bowl score.

15. Trevor Pryce (2006-2010)

Signed away from Denver, Pryce put up 13 sacks in 2006 and was a versatile piece in Rex Ryan’s ‘organized chaos’ defense.

14. Samari Rolle (2005-2008)

Originally a Titan, Rolle ended his career in Baltimore and formed a shutdown corner pairing with Chris McAlister before injuries sapped his ability.

13. Willis McGahee (2007-2010)

Willis averaged 4.2 yards per carry and punched-in 35 touchdowns for the Ravens before Ray Rice made him expendable.

12. Tony Siragusa (1997-2001)

Goose played played a large part of some dominant run defenses and helped the team develop their intimidating style.

11. Elvis Dumervil (2013-?)

The Ravens signed Doom away from Denver after a fax machine snafu and he rewarded them with 26.5 sacks in his first two years with the team.

10. Shannon Sharpe (2000-2001)

Sharpe only played two seasons in Baltimore, but he caught a couple of the most memorable touchdowns in team history and mentored a young Ray Lewis.

9. Eric Weddle (2016-?)

After only one season with the Ravens, Weddle makes the top ten because he spearheaded a dramatic turnaround in interceptions generated and played at an All-Pro level.

8. Steve Smith Sr. (2014-2016)

Averaged nearly 70-yards per game over three seasons at an advanced age and provided the offense an intensity they were missing.

7. Sam Adams (2000-2001)

The quintessential mercenary signing, Adams made a huge impact on the amazing 2000 defense and made the All-Pro team in both his seasons as a Raven.

6. Matt Birk (2009-2012)

Possibly the shrewdest signing in team history, Birk solidified an offensive line that took the Ravens to four straight postseason berths and a championship.

5. Kelly Gregg (2001-2010)

The most underrated Raven ever, Gregg aka ‘Buddy Lee’ was a force on the defensive line against both the run and pass from the defensive tackle position for many seasons.

4. Anquan Boldin (2010-2012)

Technically traded for and signing to an extension, Q was inconsistent but won some regular season games almost singlehandedly, and caught four crucial playoff touchdowns during the Ravens 2012 championship journey.

3. Derrick Mason (2005-2010)

The franchise’s all time leader in catches and yards, and third in receiving touchdowns. Mason and Todd Heap were the team’s only pass catching weapons during a dark period of Ravens offense.

2. Rod Woodson (1998-2001)

Woodson was the quiet leader of the dominant 2000 defense. He played in Baltimore for four seasons, snared 20 interceptions and made three Pro Bowls for the Ravens.

1. Michael McCrary (1997-2002)

Big Mike was an underrated acquisition from Seattle who accumulated 51 regular season sacks, two Pro Bowl honors and a whopping six postseason sacks in the 2000 playoffs for the Ravens.