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ICYMI: New York Giants release Victor Cruz, should the Ravens bring him in?

The Ravens should look into the salsa dancing slot receiver

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have parted ways with a player who was a key factor in winning the franchise’s most recent Super Bowl championship.

That player would be slot wide receiver Victor Cruz who broke onto the scene in 2011 after a year of middling on the Giants’ roster as a former undrafted free agent. The last few years in New York were rough for the receiver as injuries continually kept him off the field, and his eventual replacement, Odell Beckham Jr., essentially ensured that his presence on the field wasn’t really missed.

Despite the lingering injuries, it is being reported that Cruz’s health wasn't necessarily the main reason for Big Blue deciding to part ways with him.

Regardless of the reasoning behind this break up, the Baltimore Ravens would be wise to seriously consider bringing Cruz in. While it is certainly a risk to bring in an often injured, possibly over the hill talent, it makes sense for Baltimore from a few perspectives.

The first is the most obvious, and that would necessitate looking at this situation with a historical perspective. The Ravens often bring in veteran receivers who believe they still have some juice left in the tank, as opposed to the common perception which says they don't. Cruz fits this bill to a T.

The second is the financial aspect that favors the Ravens from a business point of view After the last few years of injuries have kept Cruz off the field, his market value has sunken to a possible all time low for the player. The Ravens could likely bring him in on a cost effective deal similar to the one they gave to Mike Wallace last season, and probably a cheaper one at that.

While his star has certainly burned brighter than it is right now, Cruz represents the exact type of receiver the Ravens have stated they are in the market for. As such, they would be foolish not to seriously consider bringing him into a stable of receivers that could very much use a veteran presence to stabilize the situation.