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Impending free agent OT Rick Wagner rebuffs Ravens initial offer

The Ravens have made an offer to the 27 year old tackle

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

A few Baltimore Ravens will soon be facing free agency, and that means that the team must face the unfortunate reality that they can't afford to keep everyone they would like to.

They were reminded of this when they’re initial offer to re-sign right tackle Ricky Wagner was rejected by the player.

As CBS’s Jason LaCanfora states in the above tweet, the Ravens are interested in retaining Wagner, and defensive tackle Brandon Williams. While it seems obvious that they would want to maintain a relationship with their two best impending free agents, it is also worth noting that Wagner and Williams are the two likeliest candidates currently on the Ravens to be overpaid by a desperate team on the open market.

While there is still time for the Ravens to negotiate with Wagner, it seems fairly clear (and it has for a while now) that the player holds most of the cards in these negotiations.

While every Baltimore fan would love to see Wagner back with the purple and black in 2017, it may be wise to begin preparing themselves for a future where he isn't.

Do you want to see Wagner back when if it means the team has to overpay for him? Let us know in the comments down below.