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Ravens’ Jerry Rosburg is a possible head coach candidate this offseason

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

Multiple NFL teams have been eliminated from playoff contention, and more will follow in the next few weeks. While the Ravens have odds to play in the Wildcard round, it doesn’t mean they’re exempt from coach talk.

Head coach John Harbaugh isn’t going anywhere, and unless Dean Pees wants to leave, he’ll be standing pat with his outstanding defense. I believe Marty isn’t going anywhere either, as the Ravens are finally shedding the ugly offense from the beginning of the season. But one man in particular may receive phone calls, asking if he’s interested in receiving a promotion: Special Teams coach and Assistant Head Coach Jerry Rosburg.

Jerry has been a part of the NFL since 2001, first coaching special teams with the Cleveland Browns. After six years with Cleveland, and a one-year stint with the Atlanta Falcons, Jerry found himself working with the Baltimore Ravens in 2008. In that time, he’s produced outstanding talents, including the continued success of Matt Stover, Sam Koch, Jacoby Jones, Anthony Levine Sr., Albert McClellan, Morgan Cox and the greatest leg in the game, Justin Tucker.

On top of coaching the special teams unit, Mr. Rosburg is also the assistant head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. He’s knowledgeable in all areas of the game, and I have no doubt he participates in more meetings than just about anybody within the Ravens organization.

I’m sure he enjoys coaching and fielding the best special teams unit in the NFL, and one of the best of all time, but a big pay day from the New York Giants and a chance to lead his own team may be enticing.

Coach Rosburg turned 62 in November, placing him three years younger than the oldest NFL head coaches: Pete Carroll & Bill Belichick (65).

A big contract, the second overall pick and multiple weapons on both sides of the ball may be enough to swing Rosburg from Charm City, to the city that never sleeps.