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PFF: Joe Flacco named Quarterback of the Week

The Baltimore quarterback finished with the highest rating among his position by Pro Football Focus.

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Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was at the top of his game in Week 13 against the Detroit Lions. Flacco finished 23 for 36, 269 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions and a passer rating of 105.0.

For his play, he received an 89.5 rating from Pro Football Focus, which gave him the highest rating among quarterbacks on the week.

“Joe Flacco had by far his best game of the season against the Detroit Lions, looking like the quarterback that led the Ravens to the Super Bowl for the first time in years,” wrote Pro Football Focus’ Sam Monson. “Flacco made very few errors in the game, and was kept clean for all but seven dropbacks, completing 72.4 percent of his passes from a clean pocket and racking up a passer rating of 120.0 on those attempts. If the Ravens could get this Flacco down the stretch they will become a formidable force in the AFC’s playoff push.”

The key to Flacco’s play was his ability to push the ball downfield, due to the time that he was given from his offensive line. Detroit was unable to get pressure up the middle for much of the game. Flacco was only pressured 13.9% of the game and had an average time to throw of 2.55 seconds.

Another key to Flacco’s big game was the play calling from Ravens offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Morhinweg worked off of Flacco’s strengths by going to the play action. With Baltimore’s ability to run the ball, the Lions bit on fakes often, opening up the deep throws. Flacco had a passer rating of 95.8 when throwing off of the play action.