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Ravens Chuck Clark sees snap increase against Lions

NFL: Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This past Sunday's game against the Lions showed the Ravens defense playing one of their best games of the season despite allowing a high yardage total. The yards were a direct result of big plays allowed by Marlon Humphrey, therefore cannot truly account for the defense's overall performance.

Rookie safety Chuck Clark saw a snap increase as the dime backer in what seemed to be a game where Dean Pees schemed more pressure, which had been called for to take advantage of stellar secondary play.

Terrell Suggs' sack was a result of Clark coming free up the middle and blowing up Theo Riddick, forcing Matthew Stafford to step up right into Suggs' grasp.

With Patrick Onwasor struggling in coverage - Theo Riddick's 27-yard reception was a direct result of him turning his back on his zone drop and losing his bearings, added to a missed tackle - Clark could see his snaps increase even more in the coming weeks.

The Ravens will need to open up their blitz packages. Marlon Humphrey is still at a stage where his technique is behind his athleticism. Pees must force the issue and make offenses play on his defense's schedule, for Humphrey's sake. Clark's blitzing prowess must be utilized in full.