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PFF: Joe Flacco played extremely well

Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has struggled for the majority the season, but on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, he played his best game of the year. In a 44-20 victory, Flacco went 23-for-36 passing for 269 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

According to Pro Football Focus, the 32-year old quarterback was at his best in a number of key stats:

Flacco was able to hit receiver Mike Wallace for a 66-yard pass downfield in the second quarter, his longest of the season. Previously, his longest pass came on 54-yard play. Wallace averaged 23.2 yards per catch, with five catches and 116 yards.

“We thought we could get that; Minnesota kind of hit them on something similar, and it definitely was key,” Flacco said per the team’s website about the play to Wallace. “We came out of the huddle, and I saw the safety down low on the side and definitely thought we were going to have a shot at it, and he went and got the ball. Then, obviously, it’s huge to get in the end zone at that point, too. We’ve struggled to get the ball in the end zone at times, and it was really big to get [one there].”

He was also able to sustain the ability to throw the ball deeper than normal. With a 7.5 yards per attempt mark, it was his highest since playing against the Oakland Raiders in Week 5 (8.54 yards per attempt). The arguably most important stat was his passer rating on deep throws, which was 95.8.

Flacco wouldn’t just hit Wallace for a big gain. He spread the ball around to ten different receivers. Ben Watson and Patrick Ricard caught Flacco’s two touchdown passes.