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Halftime report: After a bad start, Baltimore must carry the momentum into the second half

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals lead the Baltimore Ravens 17-10 at halftime.

This game could not have started out any worse for the Ravens, as Andy Dalton and the Bengals offense methodically marched down the field to score on the opening drive. Baltimore’s defense has been unable to stop the run and guard tight ends in the passing-game. They have fought hard for the most part however, including several forced punts and a fumble recovery by Eric Weddle. They must stiffen up in the second half though if they want to win this game.

Joe Flacco and the offense has seemed lifeless aside from the last second touchdown to Chris Moore and a few decent runs from Alex Collins. The cold weather seems to have taken a toll, resulting in several dropped passes. Flacco has missed Mike Wallace on more than one deep ball, in which he just underthrew him.

To make matters worse, Anthony Levine has been listed as doubtful to return with a foot injury. Levine is key to the Ravens dime defense and special teams.

Luckily, Chris Moore was able to provide a much needed spark of life with just seconds remaining in the half. He returned a kickoff 87 yards and followed up by catching a touchdown to cut the lead to one score. Chris Moore could have possibly just saved Baltimore’s season.