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Game recap: Ravens season ends with frustrating loss to the Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Ravens have just put forth one of the most embarrassing displays in team history. All the Ravens needed was to win, that’s it. The Ravens could have also gotten in if either Buffalo or Tennessee lost. New Years Eve has turned into the worst case scenario for the Ravens.

The Ravens lost 31-27 at home to the Cincinnati Bengals, and failed to make the playoffs.

The Ravens started the game off in as horrible fashion as possible. Baltimore picked up a first down on its first drive, and not another for the rest of the first half. The Ravens had seven consecutive three and outs, while allowing the Bengals to build up a lead.

The Bengals build a 17-3 lead, and Baltimore looked dead in the water. Suddenly, the Ravens found life. Chris Moore returned a Bengals kick 87 yards and went down inside the Bengals 10. Baltimore scored on the next play with a Chris Moore reception, and went into the half with the momentum, and trailing only 17-10.

The Ravens came out on offense in the second half, and drove down the field with momentum. However, the life that Chris Moore gave, he quickly took right back. Moore bobbled a pass that was slightly behind him, and it fell into the arms of a Bengal, who returned the interception all the way back for a touchdown. The Bengals took a 24-10 lead, and once again, the Ravens season felt over.

The Ravens, however, didn’t go away quietly. The Ravens found themselves in a fourth down and short. Baltimore ran a toss to the left, but it was bottled up. Alex Collins improvised, switched the field, and scored an 18 yard touchdown, giving the Ravens life once again.

The Collins touchdown was the first of three straight drives with points. Justin Tucker kicked a field goal on the next possession, and the Ravens took the lead on the possession after, as Mike Wallace made up for his drops in the first half with a touchdown catch.

The Ravens had chances to run of the clock, but didn’t do a great job, giving the Bengals the ball back with just over two minutes.

Through penalties and mistakes, the Ravens allowed the Bengals to drive the ball down the field. Eric Weddle actually had an interception on that drive, but it was called back for a penalty on Marlon Humphrey.

Soon after, the Bengals found themselves in a fourth and long. With the season on the line, the Ravens had to make just one more stop. They couldn’t do it. Tyler Boyd made the catch for a first down, and ran past the Ravens defense for a touchdown, putting them up 31-27.

The offense had a chance to drive down the field and win, but couldn’t do it. In the most Ravens fashion possible, Baltimore threw short of the sticks to a tight end on fourth down, and didn’t get it. With that failed conversion, the Ravens season saw its end, as both Buffalo and Tennessee won.

The Ravens head into the offseason in frustrating fashion with a 9-7 record.