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Dean Pees must have a plan to contain A.J. Green

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The memory of Antonio Brown running roughshod through the Ravens secondary is likely still fresh in the minds of Dean Pees and company.

In what has now become the biggest game of the season, the Ravens defense faces an all-too-familiar foe in A.J. Green, without the one player who has proven to be able match Green's physical prowess in Jimmy Smith.

The plan should be simple. Marlon Humphrey should be the primary defender, as Green will line up mostly on the open side of the formation. Humphrey excels in trail technique which will invite Dean Pees to use a safety to over the top. This is common sense. Green is the Bengals main and arguably only true threat as a receiving weapon, the decision to have a double team on him at all times seems fairly reasonable.

We know what Green can do if he is not accounted for. When he is moved to the slot, it should be expected for the Ravens to employ inside-out brackets and muddy the middle of the field. If the Bengals are going to line Green up in a place that prevents isolation, the Ravens defense will need to use this to their advantage and funnel Green inside where help is prevalent by alignment.

If the Ravens end up losing a game they absolutely should not lose, A.J. Green cannot be the reason why. He's been a thorn in the Ravens side for far too long to be allowed to deny the team's first playoff appearance in three years.