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Ravens vs. Lions: MVP, 11 Winners & 2 Losers

NFL: Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

A big game and an even bigger victory by the Baltimore Ravens, as they finish the game 44-20.

MVP: Joe Flacco

The franchise quarterback himself, won this game. He delivered pass after pass, whether or not the receivers hauled it in. He consistently drug this defense from the depths, after they lost CB Jimmy Smith.


Alex Collins — He landed in the endzone twice, celebrated twice, and rushed for 75 yards. The Ravens picked up a gem after the Seahawks cut the tailback.

Justin Tucker — He must hate the Lions. He punishes them with six field goals last time they met, and he booms three field goals today, one over 50 yards.

Sam Koch — Held those glorious Tucker field goals, pinned the Lions deep on multiple occasions, racking in two more kicks inside the 20, as he already leads the NFL.

Mike Wallace — Kickstarted the offense in the first half with a 66-yard gain, and produced 116 yards on the day.

Marlon Humphrey — Stafford attacked the first-round rookie once Jimmy Smith left the field, and eventually it was going to bite him. Stafford overthrew the receiver, and Humphrey made the adjustment. The rookie intercepted his second pass on the season.

Eric Weddle — The Ravens needed somebody to seal the victory, though the Alex Collins touchdown did just that. Weddle not only picked a pass, but trotted it back for the touchdown. Did I mention he also stripped Matthew Stafford? Was he ever anything other than a Raven?

Terrell Suggs— Another game, another sack. The star linebacker has once again, produced double digit sacks in a season.

Willie Henry — The defensive lineman has brought about more firepower to an already stacked line. A fumble recovery and hustled for another chunk of yardage before being taken down has this man as another Raven lineman of the future.

Brandon Williams — Nothing gaudy on the statsheet, but he made an incredible third down stop which was bigger than ever. The Lions took the momentum out of M&T Bank Stadium, but Williams grew roots into the grass and stopped the first-down conversion. If not for the stop, this game takes on a whole new complexion.

Patrick Ricard — The defensive end turned fullback scored his first touchdown in the NFL on a throw from Joe Flacco!

Marty Mornhinweg — Called a great game, and the Ravens offense dominated. Credit where it is due.


Jimmy Smith — An incredible player and person, but his body once again succumbed to injury. This time, an Achilles tear.

Jeremy Maclin — He had a bad game. An ugly drop and overall wasn’t a star. Darius Slay is a great corner, though, and they took Maclin’s threat out of the game. I assume the gameplan was to eliminate Maclin, and force Joe to go elsewhere. Unfortunately for the Lions, the Ravens followed through on their gameplan, and bullied everybody else. He was the odd man out.