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“January Joe” is not appearing out of nowhere

NFL: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

There is no basis for hoping the Ravens offense will magically break out. They have shown absolutely no signs of being capable of putting up points on a consistent basis. To have hope for them to magically turn it around down the stretch is pure speculation.

In a way, the 2012 postseason run has cursed the Ravens. Baltimore’s 2012 offense was talented, with players in designated roles that fit their specific attributes. This version of the Ravens’ offense does not have those playmakers. In fact, the Ravens receiving core is one of the most anemic units in the league.

Joe Flacco has been hung out to dry. His physical abilities have not eroded as Flacco still throws the ball with good velocity. Yet for whatever reason, the Ravens’ offense has operated with a philosophy that would make the casual fan think Flacco was one of the many Cleveland quarterback failures. He has said multiple times that the offense has to cut it lose and yet, three yard passes on third-and-long still make the backbone of this “passing game”.

Fans need to stop hoping for something that has virtually no chance of happening since no prior games have shown the Ravens offense being capable of suddenly coming to life. It is a tired narrative. Facts need to be faced.