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Eric Weddle, “I’ve never worked as hard as I did this past year”

NFL: Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Announced yesterday, Eric Weddle earned his fifth trip to the NFL Pro Bowl. His stats and play this season were obviously well-deserving of the honor, and the fans recognized such a feat.

Weddle’s posted six interceptions on the season, and forced two fumbles. He also trotted one of the aforementioned interceptions 45 yards for a touchdown. Add in the sixty tackles and eight passes defensed, and this may earn the All-Pro voters attention, also. All this quality play wasn’t a few lucky breaks, according to Eric himself, it’s due to the incredible work he’s put into his craft.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Weddle said. “You never take for granted, 1) to play in this league, and 2) to try and play at a high level. I’ve never worked as hard as I did this past year to try and get better from last season and help this team and lead even more so. I’m ecstatic, because I’ve done so much over the last year to get back to this point, to help my team win, and to hopefully get back to the playoffs.”

An eleven-year veteran saying this is the hardest he’s ever worked to get better says something. Weddle’s been a five-time All-Pro (2x First-team, 3x Second-team), and also lead the NFL in interceptions (7) back in 2011. That year he was also announced to the Pro Bowl, in which he intercepted two passes, one resulting in a touchdown after a lateral.

Weddle’s effort has vaulted this team towards best in the NFL in interceptions and overall turnovers. A great pick-up by the great Ozzie Newsome, and a shameful loss by the then, San Diego Chargers.