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Ravens vs. Browns: MVP, 10 Winners & 3 Losers

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images


Sam Koch: Another Ravens game with another special teams MVP. Those poor Browns were pinned inside the five-yard line four times, to begin their drives. Sam Koch is a god amongst men, and should be in Canton when his career is done.


Eric Weddle: Recorded his sixth interception of the season. A great playmaker and he’s been worth every penny. Coaching young players, recruiting other stars and making plays, just as Ravens safeties do.

Tony Jefferson: After a rough game, he responded with a vicious hit, forcing a fumble on Duke Johnson Jr.

Brandon Williams: Nothing like a scoop-and-score touchdown to by a defensive tackle to get the game going. Williams doesn’t often hit the statsheet, but it’s awfully sweet when it does.

Za’Darius Smith: A strip sack is always big, but none bigger than when a quarterback is standing in his own endzone. Great play by the big outside linebacker.

Benjamin Watson: Huge playmaking ability by the elder tight end. Great route-running to get open and score a huge touchdown after a turnover.

Chris Moore: After an early drop by the receiver, he made up for it by catching three of Sam Koch’s punts inside the five-yard line. A fourth-rounder with this much special teams value is incredibly necessary.

Matt Judon: A sack and a couple tackles for loss are easily placing you in the winners mentions.

C.J. Mosley: A big pass swat on third down and a fourth down tackle on DeShone Kizer places the starting linebacker into the winners column.

Joe Flacco: Great passing to Wallace and a touchdown pass to Ben Watson was good. Add in a rushing touchdown and he’s continued his recent success.

Brandon Carr: DeShone Kizer gift-wrapped a red-zone interception to the cornerback, and he easily made the catch. Winning is sometimes easy.


Jeremy Maclin: The wide receiver made a great catch on a free play for 22-yards, but suffered a hard hit from Peppers. He’s on the losers list due to missing the rest of the game from injury, rather than another ugly game.

Alex Collins: After some great games recently, Collins was shut down from the Browns rushing defense. No surprise, as they’re a stout squad, but he must prove this is a one-off next week against the Colts.

Willie Henry: Against the Browns, the penalties are bad but survivable. If this is any other team, the roughing the passer penalties are horrible.