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Ravens vs. Browns: 3 defensive keys to victory

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

The defense suffered a true butt-kicking last week, at the hands of Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Good news, the Browns don’t have any of those players; instead, they are quarterbacked by DeShone Kizer. Woohoo! A solid bounceback game against a winless squad should hopefully open up some confidence in the Ravens defense.

Put last week in the rearview mirror, then don’t look back until it’s far too gone

Last week happened, but that doesn’t mean a darn thing against Cleveland. This Ravens squad won’t be playing the same way against Kizer, Josh Gordon and the rest of the Browns offensive unit. This is a team with lesser weapons than the Ravens, when matching it up side-by-side. Only when Josh Gordon is factored in—finally— that it becomes a question. Baltimore can win many matchups and it’s been a full week of focus on this regular season contest.

Pressure always wins

We all witnessed as DeShone Kizer was bullied into submission in his first start against the Baltimore Ravens. He threw picks, was sacked, stripped and it really quieted those saying the Browns were a decent opponent. Continue this narrative, and keep the ‘trap game’ away by letting Terrell Suggs and Matt Judon make magic. Both have impressed this season, and I suspect one of these men to have a great game. It’s hard not to with a young quarterback throwing against the secondary. Those extra seconds of coverage from the defensivebacks really create chaos in the pocket.

Comeback games

After a rough game, what’s the best thing to get over a frustrating loss? Going out against the Browns and reminding everybody why you’re a great football player. This opportunity lands upon C.J. Mosley, Tony Jefferson and Brandon Carr. All three can show it was a rough game against the best offensive weapons in the league. Watch for one of these, or all of these guys to go out there and make a play. Whether it be a big hit on third down before the chains, swatting a pass down, or creating a turnover. These are all great players, and they will go out there against the Browns and show them why they’re a Raven.