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Ravens vs. Browns: 3 offensive keys to victory

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

After an incredible game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, in which the Ravens scored 38 points, it’s hard to see this offense cooling off against the winless Browns. Unfortunately, that may be the case. The Browns have a strong team, and it only takes a bad day for the Ravens to suffer defeat and close the doors on their 2017 playoff hopes.

Super Joe stays for good

The beginning of the season was rough for the professional quarterback. He wasn’t making any throws over ten yards, or so it felt. Marty held the leash tight on intermediate and deep throws, and when they were called, nobody was on the same page and mistakes were made. Come tomorrow, let’s hope Joe & Co. are all ready for some serious production. A mistake free game from Flacco puts the Browns behind any team greatly.

Alex Collins gets the rock

Make no mistake about it, the irish-dancing tailback is the real deal. Feed the beast. He’s consistently creating yards— and plays— against the opposition. Get him into space, around the edge, through the middle, it doesn’t matter. Let the man work, and give him some blockers.

Protection is vital

No doubt, this offensive line, made up of a few backups, turned into a great five-man unit. From Ronnie Stanley at left tackle, all the way through Austin Howard on the opposite side, these men are battling in the trenches, and winning. Continue to keep Flacco clean, and create some lanes for the talented tailbacks to work, and this game won’t be winnable for the Cleveland Browns.


One receiver, other than Mike Wallace, step up. I’m not talking tight end, or runningback, I’m talking receiver. One receiver to even the assault, and this can be a touchdown scoring affair. The last few games has been the Chris Moore show, and it’s been an enjoyable event. But if Jeremy Maclin, Breshad Perriman (if active) or Michael Campanaro can get a big game going, there’s no telling this team where they could go. Just one other receiver to keep Mike Wallace free’d up, rather than bottling up the only downfield threat and letting Joe succumb to two-to-four yard passing plays.