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Ravens are one injury from complete derailment

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This week presents yet another example of how suddenly a season flips upside down. An MVP front-runner and a part of the league-leading Eagles, quarterback Carson Wentz, suffered a season-ending ACL injury. Philadelphia fans are heartbroken, and their woes continue.

Before the season, Ravens fans knew all too well how injuries can derail a season. Years prior they’ve witnessed Joe suffer an ACL tear, losing Jimmy to multiple leg injuries, lose Terrell Suggs to his Achilles tear, and many others. Fans were confident, though, as long as Marshal Yanda, Jimmy Smith, C.J. Mosley and Joe Flacco were upright, they were solid. Two of the four are now out for the season, and the Ravens are fighting for the playoffs, still.

The NFL is a unique beast. Injuries are so common, they play into every conversation, every season. Key players consistently suffer injury, though it feels this season has suffered greater than others.

Nonetheless, the Ravens are a Joe Flacco injury from complete loss. They’ve navigated through the loss of Marshal Yanda, and though it sure didn’t feel like they played well after Jimmy’s first missed game this season, Humphrey stepped up and locked down his opposing receiver. In the upcoming matchups, it will be interesting to watch the development.

n a game riddled with injuries, it’s up to the big men and the tallest among them, to stay healthy and make great decisions. It’s up to the offensive line, and Joe Flacco himself, to stay healthy, stay smart, and stay protected. Throw away that football when the pocket succumbs to the pressure, don’t take the terrible slides (please Joe...), and go out there and win these final matchups.