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Poll: Has Joe Flacco regressed?

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

A struggling pass offense has been identified as the Baltimore Ravens primary flaw this season. Naturally, franchise quarterback Joe Flacco is the focal point of the debate.

Without a doubt, Flacco does not have the advantage of elite blocking, receivers or play calling. But he has infrequently had those factors working in his favor throughout his time in Baltimore. In theory, a top earner should be able to make the most of the tools at his disposal, regardless of circumstances.

While Flacco has never recaptured the heights of his incredible 2012 postseason run, a case can be made that he has always required a strong supporting cast to perform at a high level. Flacco has consistently struggled with bouts of inconsistent accuracy, poor decision making and questionable situational awareness. On the other hand, a case can be made that he has regressed in a couple areas. Specifically his willingness to stand tall in the pocket and deliver the ball downfield when under duress, as well as his ability to elevate his play in crunch time.

Below is a table that lists some of Flacco’s stats for each year of his career. Notably, his quarterback rating and yards per pass attempt are among the worst of his career this season.

Joe Flacco

Year Quarterback Rating Touchdowns/Interceptions Yards Per Game Yards Per Attempt
Year Quarterback Rating Touchdowns/Interceptions Yards Per Game Yards Per Attempt
2008 80.3 14:12 185.7 6.9
2009 88.9 21:12 225.8 7.2
2010 93.6 2510 226.4 7.4
2011 80.9 20:12 225.6 6.7
2012 87.7 22:10 238.6 7.2
2013 73.1 19:22 244.5 6.4
2014 91 2712 249.1 7.2
2015 83.1 14:12 279.1 6.8
2016 83.5 20:15 269.8 6.4
2017 72.7 8:10 172.3 5.3
2008 Top Receivers Pass Protection Ranking* Rushing Offense Total Defense
2009 Mason, Clayton, Heap, Rice 20th 4th 2nd
2010 Mason, Rice, Heap, Clayton 19th 5th 3rd
2011 Boldin, Mason, Heap, RIce 25th 14th 10th
2012 Boldin, Smith, Rice, Dickson 12th 10th 3rd
2013 Boldin, Smith, Pitta, Rice 13th 11th 17th
2014 Smith, Brown, Jones, Clark 16th 30th 12th
2015 Smith Sr, Smith, Daniels, Aiken 4th 8th 8th
2016 Aiken, Smith Sr, Gillmore, Butler 2nd 26th 8th
2017 Wallace, Smith Sr, Pitta, Perriman 8th 28th 7th
Maclin, Wallace, Watson, Allen 9th 8th 7th

*Per Football Outsiders

The second table is an attempt to compare Flacco’s supporting cast, year-by-year. While admittedly imperfect, it gives some context to the level of assistance Flacco has had in each season.

It would be unfair to expect Flacco to produce an elite passing attack with mediocre personnel surrounding him. Blame for the Ravens offensive shortcomings can be spread around to the front office, coaching staff, receivers and injury situation. However, the Ravens do currently field enough talent to be better than the 31st best passing offense in the league.

Through nine games this season, has Joe Flacco made the most of his opportunities? Or has his play regressed in his tenth season?


Has Joe Flacco regressed?

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